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Archive for December, 2009

Dec 2, 2009No Comments

Question: Does God evolve?

As you absorb and learn and want to live a good life on a spiritual path, so must the deities learn how to tell what can be offered in the way of choice. The whole world and Universe continues to evolve as the mind of humanity pulls both questions and answers from the Source.

Dec 1, 2009No Comments

Question: Why does the soul need lessons?

The more one returns to learn, it is the Higher mind that is carrying the karma. The soul in the quiet of the Higher mind can refresh your experiences and bring impressions of past lifetimes, allowing you to follow their right path for yourself. Everyone has been everything; therefore, to be prejudiced against anyone or anything is quite foolish. You can learn this moment what you need to know in order to have choice. It is the choice that always is there, lifetime after lifetime.

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