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Nov 30, 2009No Comments

The Beauty of Compassion

As we celebrate one holiday after another, we grow closer.
The gift of devotion becomes more available, and one becomes filled with compassion for everyone, as well as one’s self. At times compassion is more important than love. The beauty of compassion takes on love, yet love does not always have to be filled with compassion.

Nov 30, 2009No Comments

The Purpose of Physical Existence

The purpose of physical existence is simply so the body can learn more on a higher realm each lifetime until one catches up to himself or herself and is ready to teach and share with others. There is so much to go through and to accomplish before one is ready to be at this level. All ego must be let go, even for a few moments. Physical existence is the soul’s guide to learn and to teach more than ever before, making the one answering and the one asking find a soft way of learning and then trying. One is always trying, always moving on with an open mind.

Nov 28, 2009No Comments

The Mother is with You

All this day try to remember that the Mother is with you, listening to you and watching you. You are never alone; the Mother will never let you feel alone. We will walk this path together, never to part. She will lead you into the heart of the universe – and She will keep reminding you that there is nothing you can do to have Her throw you out of Her heart.

Nov 27, 2009No Comments


Did you ever feel that the Soul is longing to return from whence it has come? It is feeling of absolute yearning. This yearning can open your heart like nothing else. This yearning can call the Gods and Goddesses into your sight. This yearning is so great that you forget to be afraid; you fear not the vibrations of the Mother, thus letting Her enter your Being without resistance.

Nov 25, 2009No Comments

The Mother

The Mother is the creator, the sustainer and the destroyer.
She is the indweller of all hearts,
She is the silent witness that sees all.
The Mother is one without a second.
There is nothing more than the Mother.

Nov 24, 2009No Comments

The Balance of All Things

We all were created to be together, to help each other. The beauty in all of us is ever old and ever new. The fundamental reality of the Universe lives in each of our hearts. In fact, the balance of all things is in each of us.

Nov 22, 2009No Comments

The Beauty of the Self

Let us all together create a real vibrancy that will coax all that is positive to come forward and reveal the inexhaustible beauty of love.
We all have an incredible amount of unconditional love that invites us to be in the moment. This moment can stretch in any direction and bring us all into the center of the Universe that is within us. Let us tap into the beauty of the self – the true self, in which we all can learn to live and die in the absolute beauty without time and space.

Nov 21, 2009No Comments

No Separation between Mother and Child

Time stops when one thinks of the Mother.
In silence supreme one can hear the joy in Mother’s heart. Sit this moment and feel your hearts open to the form of the Mother which you love the most. Call on Her, speak to Her, and then sit quietly and hear Her voice. The noise of the world is blocked out by the presence of who you are to the Mother. You are never alone. And as you sit in the quiet of the Mother’s arms, feel how protected you are. You have the Mother always and forever with you. There is no separation between Mother and child.

Nov 20, 2009No Comments

Autumn Breath Four: The Breath of the Soul Meditation

As you sit comfortably, you have to make a choice. Do you choose fear, loneliness, bitterness, rage, anger, and negativity – or do you choose a lightness that flows gently in through your nostrils and out your mouth? The choice is easy. Of course you choose the lightness of breath. Watching this breath you say to yourself, “Breathing in, I know I am breathing in; breathing out, I know that I am breathing out.” This is called conscious breathing. Do this for 11 breaths.

Nov 19, 2009No Comments

Om Tat Sat

Turn your gaze within, and know you are Om Tat Sat – that which is that. Within your heart emerges an ocean of bliss. Within your heart you can feel the lotus of love bloom into creation. In your heart you will find the hidden secrets of the Self.

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