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Archive for October, 2009

Oct 8, 2009No Comments

Joy Abides in your Heart

Joy abides in your heart, and your soul is filled with nectar
Come let us all court Lady Joy, for She is our Mother Laxmi.

Oct 7, 2009No Comments

Finding the Light Inside

The birth of true compassion comes from awareness of an open heart; yet so many are afraid of wounds from the past that they keep tightly closed.
In order to find the light that is inside of you, you have to be courageous.
This will bring you a new strength.

Oct 1, 2009No Comments

The Rhythm of Life

Shakti is in everything, and everything has a rhythm.
This rhythm is deep inside of you and me and everything that breathes.
Take a moment and listen.
Listen well; your own rhythm will speak to you.

Oct 1, 20092 Comments

A Dream Coming True

Did you ever have a dream come true right before your eyes?
After thirty years of praying for our By the River, it has come together in ways I could not have imagined.

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