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Archive for September, 2009

Sep 6, 20091 Comment

The Connection to your Beloved

To understand your connection to your Beloved, you must sit in a quiet space and breathe in and out with awareness.
You say to yourself, “I am the breath, and the breath is me.”
Repeat this until it becomes a mantra in your mind, reaching deeply into the heart.

Sep 5, 2009No Comments

The Beloved

Feel your heart, and know that your Beloved is the radiant sun that dwells there.
The petty cage called mind cannot comprehend the beauty of the Soul and the joy of your Beloved, who loves beyond love.
Ask your Beloved to teach you how to live the fullness of life.

Sep 4, 2009No Comments

Mother Laxmi Meditation on Freedom

Sit, and feel the Mother’s breath surround you.
Say the words, “I am free.”
Then know you are free.
You are everything in this freedom, and this freedom is everything in you.

Sep 2, 20091 Comment

The Simple Breath of Being

This is just the simple breath of being.
Relax the body.
Relax the breath.
Feel the rising truth from the base of your spine.

Sep 1, 2009No Comments


Merge with the Ocean of Divinity and Truth.
Pretty words, no – these are words of the heart.
Here you can see and feel all the blossoms of your Beloved’s mystical gardens.

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