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Archive for September, 2009

Sep 29, 2009No Comments

Love is the Weapon

Love is the weapon that cuts through the heart’s knots.
Love shifts the vision from daydreaming to an integral experience from the body to the Atman, from untruth to truth.
The threshold of love is the sacrifice of what we call the self.

Sep 29, 2009No Comments

Autumn Meditation

You are immersed in the golden light; it is all around you.
You are in the center of the tantric sun.
Breathe in to your heart, imagining the golden light filling your heart and entering through your chest wall.
Feel the warmth the golden light brings you.
Feel love, peace and calmness; your body is gently relaxing.

Sep 22, 2009No Comments

The Miracle of By The River

By the River is a miracle in itself.
In the buildings and rooms waiting for the occupants is a wonderful feeling of acceptance.
So many elders will be taken care of.

Sep 22, 2009No Comments

Kali Pujas at Kashi

Thursday night as everyone was throwing the rice in the Dhuni I could feel the Black Mother absorb what my students did not need in Her marvelous Fire of Freedom.

Sep 22, 2009No Comments


Happy New Year, may all good and fine happenings find their way to your hearts.

Sep 19, 2009No Comments

The Desire to be Right

The Karmic Space of the Desire to Be Right is sometimes based on your wanting to win a point.
Your life becomes intense, and soon you do not even remember what it is that you wanted to be right about.
All the Karmic Spaces are based on concepts of the ego mind and are threatened by self- questions

Sep 16, 2009No Comments

Overcome Jealousy

On this path of service, one should develop a spirit of non-judgment.
One then can learn to serve humanity with an open heart and a non-judging mind.

Sep 15, 2009No Comments

Run to your Beloved

To run to the Beloved at times of stress helps one to consume all of life.
It is the Beloved who tears the veil from the inner eye.
It is the ego that keeps one in a frozen state that lacks any form of gratitude.
Life comes and life goes; it is the Beloved that never leaves.

Sep 14, 2009No Comments

Neem Karoli Baba’s Mahasamadhi

It is our Baba who guides our minds against temptations of greed, anger, hatred, power, fame and judgment of others.

Sep 9, 2009No Comments

It is just a Thought

Cultivate the quality of compassion, love, and the thought of happiness.
Thoughts can be a learning experience.
Just like love.
Notice where you are this moment.

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