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Mindfulness is a feeling, a feeling that embraces all feelings.
Mindfulness is a gift given to us by our past actions into the bloom of the moment.
We only have moments to live our lives.
We have this moment, and this is the only chance we have to appreciate this moment.
It is truly miraculous; yet, sadly, it can be ignored or overlooked.
Ignoring the moment may cloud our lives.
We may lose touch with our path in life.
There is only the moment far beyond shadows of thoughts.

The lack of awareness is like losing touch with ourselves.
It isolates us and cuts off our view of the world, the heavens, life, and even death.
Be aware of the breath.
Study it.
See how the chest spreads open with the in-breath and how the belly contracts on the out-breath.
The out-breath gets rid of staleness; so breathe out more by contracting the belly, and get rid of that which is stuck to time and the past.

We tend to whittle ourselves down to nothing; we cannot recognize this if we are not mindful of the moment.
Yesterdays wear us down and we become toxic.
The out-breath lets out large amounts of turmoil that we have allowed to affect us.
Can you spend time with yourself, or do you always identify with your thoughts?
Your thoughts are not powerful; they have no roots, and they cannot hurt you.
Just by being mindful, you can rid your whole life of unnecessary pain.
You are whole and perfect the way you are.
See if you have turned away from your life and do not realize it until this moment.
This will bring you to the path of regret.
The path of regret is an unnecessary moment that already has happened.

T.S. Eliot talks of what we lose when we are not mindful.
Jung speaks of paying attention to your life, no matter what is right or wrong, knowing that everything can be worked with.
I am willing to work with all of you and the landscape of your life right now, no matter what.
Acknowledging all the dark and turbulent moments of our life helps us the most.
Stress begins to take a back seat to the now.
Do you feel pain, emotional pain, that you tend to wall over?
Sooner or later you have to face the mirror of your life, the human condition and what you make of it.
This is the experience that is going on now.
You cannot turn away from it.
It is in your way, with no regrets – only learning in the moment.
You all have complete hope in your life; sometimes you have so many deep resources that you can’t imagine are yours.
Healing is always in the moment.
Every one of us can use the moment to heal our souls.
You just have to care enough about yourself and those around you, and then include others that you just hear about.

You are far more than your thoughts.
It is just a thought, it cannot hurt you.
Let it be, it has no roots.
Practice meditation to connect with your lives.
Have the experience of being alive.
Meditation is not complicated.
It is simple
It is not trying to make your life a blank.
It is just bringing awareness to the breath.
Start now.
Feel your breath; actually feel your breath.
Does it feel good?
Can you understand that you have the choice to allow the thoughts to hurt you or help you – or you may simply go on with a slight acknowledgment?
Take this moment of the breath.

Yes, it is a moment of the breath.
All of a sudden you are feeling a sense of mindfulness.
Your breath is coming in and out.
This is meditating.
How sweet is the moment when you pay attention?
Feel the chest fill.
Then hold it there.
Sometimes you feel lightheaded, or sometimes you just begin to feel – and it does not even matter what you feel.
No matter how old or young you are, you are paying attention on purpose; what a way to live your life, fully paying attention on purpose!

Do not judge what you are doing.
You are experiencing your breath on your own terms.
Now breathe out deeply and pay attention to how you feel.
Then let the breath do what it does.
Be sweet to yourself.
Notice how you are following the breath in and out.
Check now and see where your mind is.

As you take your shower this day, think of nothing but the water on your body and what it is doing.
Meditation is an invitation to wake up and enjoy the moment by being there and feeling the moment.
You actually can enjoy your shower or your bath or all of life of what is now.

Be in the Here and the Now.
You have this body and you have the breath – what a wonderful place to start!
I love you all.

Ma Jaya


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