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What karma means in a modern life

Many of us are on an inner journey, but we still get stuck in old patterns because we don’t recognize their deep karmic roots. The 11 Karmic Spaces takes a fresh look at karma, clarifies difficult concepts, offers new insights into challenges we face every day, and gives us the tools we need for the journey.

Ma Jaya shares layers of wisdom

Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. It manifests in our lives as repetitive thoughts, emotions, and actions that trap us in old patterns. “Karmic Spaces” represent the cycles of the repetition and reinforcement of karma, and the teaching of the The 11 Karmic Spaces offers a practical way to choose freedom from the patterns that bind you.

Instruction manual to find your soul

Your perfect soul is hidden by layer after layer of karmic patterns. The insights and practices in The 11 Karmic Spaces will show you how to loosen your karma and come closer to your own perfection. Both visionary and practical, it offers tools for enriching your life, and a path to true self-knowledge.


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Who am I?

From The 11 Karmic Spaces, Page 200 Meditation: Who am I? When giving up even the smallest attachment, you are giving up a small piece of illusion. Socrates said, "Know thyself."  Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” Ramana Maharshi used the same thought, based on the Vedas, as the core of his teaching. He taught us to ask again and again ...more

The Light of Awareness

From The 11 Karmic Spaces: Understanding Shakti is the first step to understanding life. page 127 How are ...more

Compassion and Pride

The Mother’s desire is that you take from life all the enjoyment you can and ...more


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Jealousy Trip

For years I thought Hinduism was too vast a philosophy for me to even consider studying. Yet, when I was a child, my father, a professor, brought his graduate students into our home. I loved the Indian students especially. They would dress me in their saris and when one went home to marry, I spent hours drawing pictures of his ...more

Why Me?

I sat in the hospital between my 82-year-old mother who had just had knee replacement ...more

Being Present For A Stranger . . .

As I was preparing for a holiday road trip, I stopped by the local Farmers' ...more


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Practice to Break Free of Pride

This practice will take you into the place to receive Begin in standing – Mountain Pose. Step the left foot back and angle the foot for balance. Bend the front right knee. Bend the right arm and lean the right forearm and elbow onto the right thigh. Lean onto the right thigh, with the left arm hanging down, straight and loose, several inches above the ...more

Practice to Conquer Anger

Anger comes from the absence of acknowledgment of self beauty. The anger that we have ...more

Practice to Conquer Jealousy

When you have jealous explosions from time to time, you are like an earthquake looking ...more


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I seek enlightenment and wish to be a true servant of the universe. T...

Namaste Rita: When you have the least desire to share of yourself to ease another’s burden, or to ease the burdens of thousands, or just to ease the burden of a child, automatically that who you are comes racing to the surface.  This is not about you and it is not NOT about you.  It’s about love.  Love is what carries ...more

How best can a lone individual stand and be counted or speak up to pro...

Namaste: In order not to be pointed out as a whistle blower or somebody that is ...more

Can meditation resolve all issues or must I take some action?

Meditation can resolve many issues, but sitting all day in meditation and prayer you become ...more


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A Story about the Beauty of Satsang

From Ma's morning pujas & prayers, February 25, 1999 One time there was a wonderful kirtan being sung by the chelas of a well known and wise Guru (and gorgeous and thin, and  size 2, well  Its my story and I can lie if I want to). One of the chelas played the ektara like a sweet breeze from the loka of ...more

Transcend Unhappiness

From a darshan with Ma 08-11-1999 When you begin to analyze your life and you begin ...more

Trusting Yourself

From a darshan with Ma Jaya, September 25, 2008 Namaste my chelas, One of the greatest gifts ...more